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Another important reason to develop and use more of alternative energy source isto control and reduce the pollution caused by burning of fossil fuel. This pollution,poses serious threats,particularly in the form of global warming,to health and even life of large sections of humanity.

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  • What is alternative energy and how is it used?

  • Fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) are our most traditional source for power generation. Therefore, the energy that鈥檚 produced from any source other than fossil fuels is alternative energy. In other words, alternative energy is any amount of energy derived from non-fossil fuel sources.

  • Are alternative energy sources considered renewable?

  • Yes, many types of alternative energy sources are considered to also be renewable. In fact, the most utilized types of alternative energy in deployment today are renewable with the exception of nuclear energy, which is on the decline in most regions around the world.

  • Can alternative energy sources save you money?

  • In the end, using alternative energy sources can save you money. Although you typically have to make an initial investment, these types of systems usually pay for themselves over time, given that their primary energy source (i.e. sun or wind) is essentially free.

  • Why do we need to find different sources of energy?

  • The time for realization has come, we need to find different sources of energy sources because if the world keeps on acquiring and using the sources in a haphazard way then the exhaustion of such sources would be inevitable. There is a current global need for clean and renewable energy sources.

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