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It鈥檚 important to have leadership energy as aconstant conscious focus for how you behave. This can be driven from your very core identity in your leadership values. How do you want to behave and show up as a leader?

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  • What is energy and why is it important?

  • Energy is essential for overall health and wellness, whether it comes from carbohydrates or fat, protein or carbohydrate. Understanding what happens when nutrients are not present can help you understand why energy is regarded so highly by dietitian and health care experts.

  • What is executive power and who has it?

  • Executive power is a term that has frequented news channels during president Obama鈥檚 terms. Executive power is the power defined by the Constitution that the president can act without the approval of Congress.

  • What is positive energy and why is it important?

  • A type of energy that is contagious, that allows someone to walk into a meeting and lift the mood entirely. A type of energy that you want to be around, that pushes you to work harder and be better because, well, you want to. This type of energy is rare and more importantly, extremely valuable.

  • What are the benefits of producing your own energy?

  • Another major benefit if the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are independently producing your own energy. Reliability, security, and stability are not just benefits all to themselves. Having fewer things to worry and stress over can improve your personal well being and physical and mental health.

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