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These diseases both cause a vast increase in appetite:hyperthyroidismdoes so because your cat鈥檚 metabolism is burning too many calories, and diabetes because your cat鈥檚 body can鈥檛 convert sugar to energy 鈥?and the nutrition doesn鈥檛 even get into his body in the first place.

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  • Why is my cat so hyper all the time?

  • They love to run and play and sometimes, they just need to burn some of that energy off. Kittens and cats spend a lot of time sleeping, so during the hours they are awake they may act hyper to burn off the energy they just built up during their nap. 4. Fun

  • Why is my cat so hungry all the time?

  • Diabetes. Both of these conditions will prevent your cat鈥檚 muscles and organs from converting glucose to energy, and will result in excessive amounts of glucose in the blood ( hyperglycemia ). Increased appetite and thirst are among the most common signs associated with diabetes in cats.

  • Why does my cat have a lot of gas?

  • A lot of people foods (particularly grains) can give your cat gas and just aren’t good for her. Adult cats tend to be lactose intolerant so don’t let them have dairy products. If Kitty’s been rummaging through the garbage, she may have eaten something spoiled that’s giving her gas among other problems.

  • Why does my cat fart so much all the time?

  • Grain-free diets that contain large amounts of common gas-producing foods, such as legumes, or cruciferous vegetables, may also be contributing reasons for a cat farting too much. What causes excessive gas in cats?

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