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Excess caffeine and sugar

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  • Why do energy drinks Make you Sleepy?

  • Another reason why you might be feeling sleepy after drinking an energy beverage is due to all the sugars. Sugar comes in many different forms (sucrose, fructose, glucose, etc.) so if you don鈥檛 see 鈥渟ugar鈥?on the label, check for its other names.

  • Why do magic drinks make you tired?

  • At the moment, many people are taking on several jobs at a time. Some people have two jobs or one job and a few side gigs. All this activity throughout the day could make people feel tired. This is definitely one reason people are turning towards these magic drinks.

  • Why does Monster Energy Make you Sleepy?

  • If you have been guzzling coffee or energy drinks for a long time, the result will be the opposite. Caffeine disrupts your body鈥檚 natural processes. As a result, the brain fights back to the overstimulation by producing even more adenosine. So, you feel tired and sleepy directly after drinking a can of Monster.

  • Why does caffeine make you feel tired?

  • Once your caffeine wears off, all of these neurotransmitters hit your adenosine receptors in droves, making you feel so sleepy you can鈥檛 stop yourself. The other reason you are feeling tired deals with dehydration. Coffee makes you go to the restroom a little more often than other drinks, and that is because coffee is a diuretic.

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