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Kinetic energy of an object can’t be greater than potential energy. This is due to the reason thatsome of the energy is lost in the form of friction,heat energy,light energyetc. For example,a ball bounces to a height h in its first bounce.

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  • Is kinetic energy always less than potential energy?

  • Kinetic energy is always a little less than the potential energy that started it. Why do we get warm after we exercise? Our bodies change the form of energy, and there is always heat when energy changes form.

  • What happens to potential energy when an object moves?

  • Potential energy changes into kinetic energy when an object moves. Unlike the potential energy, the kinetic energy can be transferred from one body to another body by the process of collision. For More Information On Potential and Kinetic Energy, Watch The Below Videos:

  • How does height affect kinetic energy and potential energy?

  • For instance, the kinetic energy of the object will be higher if the object is placed at a greater height. Potential energy isn鈥檛 transferrable and it depends on the height or distance and mass of the object.

  • What is kinetic energy (KE)?

  • Kinetic energy (KE) is energy of motion A moving car has a lot of kinetic energy From PE to KE These skydivers have potential energy due to being high up.

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