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  • Can the potential energy of an object be greater than kinetic?

  • Potential energy can be greater, or less, for a given object, depending on its position and its speed. Q: Why is potential energy greater than kinetic energy? Write your answer…

  • How does height affect kinetic energy and potential energy?

  • For instance, the kinetic energy of the object will be higher if the object is placed at a greater height. Potential energy isn鈥檛 transferrable and it depends on the height or distance and mass of the object.

  • Does velocity have anything to do with potential energy?

  • This measurement is the basis of kinetic energy, yet has nothing to do with potential energy. In fact, velocity is the most important part of the equation when determining the amount of kinetic energy for any given object, and it is nonexistent in the potential energy equation[3].

  • What is kinetic energy and how does it work?

  • Understanding kinetic energy is intuitively easier because it鈥檚 more obvious that moving things have energy. Kinetic energy is created when potential energy is released, spurred into motion by gravity or elastic forces, among other catalysts. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.

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