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  • What happens when energy moves from one object to another?

  • In an energy transfer such as this one, energy moves from one object to another, but stays in the same form. A kinetic energy transfer is easy to observe and understand, but other important transfers are not as easy to visualize.

  • Is energy always conserved?

  • Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed Is energy always conserved, even in the case of the expanding universe? The conservation of energy is an absolute law, and yet it seems to fly in the face of things we observe every day. Sparks create a fire, which generates heat鈥攎anifest energy that wasn鈥檛 there before. A battery produces power.

  • Are we aware of the existence of energy?

  • We’re definitely aware it exists, and we’ve called it energy. No problem there. Living with it, trying to figure it out, and working with it is hard.

  • How can energy be converted from one form to another?

  • As scientists have better understood the forms of energy, they have revealed new ways for energy to convert from one form to another. When physicists first formulated quantum theory they realized that an electron in an atom can jump from one energy level to another, giving off or absorbing light.

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