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Solid state

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  • Which state of matter has the greatest potential energy and kinetic energy?

  • The solid state would have the greatest potential energy and least kinetic energy. The plasma state would have the least potential energy and the greatest kinetic energy.

  • Do solids or liquids have more potential energy?

  • Potential energy for different states. While studying thermal physics at school, I have been taught that solids simply have more potential energy than the liquids and gases. Note that it was said that this potential energy is due to the intermolecular bonds between the atoms.

  • What is the potential energy of a gas?

  • Gases have zero potential energy (or close enough for real gases and zero for ideal gases). That means, that solids and liquids have negative potential energy. So, as heat is applied to a solid or liquid, potential energy increases, so the value of potential energy becomes less negative and gets closer to zero.

  • Is the energy stored in solid phase more than in liquid phase?

  • The energy stored in the solid phase is not necessarily more than that stored in the liquid phase. For example, it takes more energy to convert water into stream ( 2260 K J / k g) than ice into water ( 334 K J / K g ). Thanks for contributing an answer to Physics Stack Exchange!

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