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Nuclear reactions

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  • Which energy is spontaneously converted to chemical energy?

  • (3) Electrical energy is spontaneously converted to chemical energy. (4) Electrical energy is converted to chemical energy only when an external power source is provided. In which reaction are electrons transferred from one reactant to another reactant?

  • What type of reaction stores energy in the cell?

  • In cells, endergonic reactions are often coupled with enzymatic reactions that store energy. True or False? ADP stores energy in its chemical bonds and is able to use that energy for work in the cell.

  • Which element produces more energy through fusion or fission?

  • Elements heavier than Iron produce more energy through fission. Fission is when a large nucleus divides into smaller nuclei releasing energy. Certain elements such as Uranium-235 can be made to fission easily. So, the answer is fusion produces more energy if it involves light elements and fission produces more energy if it involves heavy elements.

  • What causes an increase in high-level energy?

  • A) Chemical reactions inside cells mostly cause an increase in high-level energy. B) Living organisms are totally isolated systems that are not subject to the laws of physics. C) Sunlight functions as an ultimate source of energy for most forms of life on Earth.

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