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  • What are cell organelles?

  • The cell contains different functional structures which are collectively called Organelles, and they are involved in various cellular functions. Let us learn more in detail about the different types and functions of Cell Organelles.

  • Which of the following is a single membrane bound organelle?

  • Single membrane-bound organelles: Vacuole, Lysosome, Golgi Apparatus, Endoplasmic Reticulum are single membrane-bound organelles present only in a eukaryotic cell. Double membrane-bound organelles: Nucleus, mitochondria and chloroplast are double membrane-bound organelles present only in a eukaryotic cell.

  • What are the cellular components called?

  • The cellular components are called cell organelles. These cell organelles include both membrane and non-membrane bound organelles, present within the cells and are distinct in their structures and functions. They coordinate and function efficiently for the normal functioning of the cell.

  • What happens to mitochondria when they need energy?

  • When the cell needs more energy, the mitochondria can reproduce by growing larger and then dividing. If the cell needs less energy, some mitochondria will die or become inactive.

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