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Alkali metals

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  • What family has the lowest ionization energy?

  • What family has the lowest ionization energy? The alkali metals……….. Group 1 of the Periodic Table features metals whose valence electron SINGLY occupies the outermost shell, the valence shell of the given atoms.

  • Which of the following elements has the lowest first ionization energy?

  • Following the trend, it makes sense that the element with the lowest first ionization energy would be the lowest, leftmost element, Francium.

  • Why do groups further to the right have higher ionization energies?

  • Ionization energy is the amount of energy required to remove one electron from an atom. So the groups further to the right of the periodic table would have greater ionization energies because they are more stable, so they don’t want to lose electrons, and there is a greater number of protons attracting the negative charges (the electrons).

  • Why do alkali metals have the lowest ionization energies?

  • Since the nuclear charge is necessarily diminished with respect to the valence shell, the alkali metals display the lowest ionization energies, and these energies (reasonably) decrease down the Group. But a chemist, a physical scientist should examine the data.

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