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Mechanical energy

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  • How does a W machine change the form of electrical energy?

  • The machine changes the form of the electrical energy but cannot create or destroy energy. W machine converts 40% of electrical energy into mechanical energy and 60% into thermal energy. What statement explains the law of conservation of energy?

  • What energy transformation occurs when a car burns gasoline?

  • When a car burns gasoline it creates hot air to move the pistons in the engine, which causes the car to move. What energy transformation occur from the fuel to the movement of a car?

  • How is chemical energy transformed into useful kinetic energy?

  • Some of the chemical energy is transformed into waste thermal energy. When you drive a car not all of the chemical energy in gasoline is transformed into useful kinetic energy.

  • What type of energy does a roller coaster move down a hill?

  • A roller coaster moves down a hill, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, thermal energy, and sound energy. What is true about the total energy of this system? the first ball taps the second but the last ball moves. What does this activity demonstrate? A hybrid car uses a braking system that charges a battery.

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