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Alcoholic energy drinks,also known as AEDs,likeFour Loko,Sparks,Charge and Torquepromise to deliver the feelings of intoxication and relaxation that alcohol provides without sacrificing the alertness and energy that energy drinks like Red Bull and Jolt Cola provide to drinkers.

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  • Do energy drinks have alcohol in them?

  • Many current energy drinks in the market don鈥檛 contain any alcohol. A few years ago, alcoholic energy drinks were sold under brand names like Four Loko, Charge, Sparks and Torque. These energy drinks were usually marketed as alcohol malt beverages.

  • Does Monster Energy Drink have alcohol?

  • Like Bang, Monster doesn鈥檛 contain any alcohol. What it does contain consists mainly of 179mg of caffeine and 54g of sugars. If you鈥檙e ever concerned that Monster might contain alcohol, there鈥檚 no need for it as Monster doesn鈥檛 have a single milligram of it.

  • Are energy drinks bad for You?

  • This means that energy drinks trick the body into drinking more alcohol than it can handle, which could lead to binge drinking. This is dangerous because it leads to excess consumption of alcohol which can balloon to other health complications such as: These are just a few of the diseases you may be at risk of with excess alcohol consumption.

  • Does Bang energy drink have alcohol in it?

  • Bang Energy Drink is alcohol-free. Bang Energy Drinks do not have any traces of alcohol in them. This is great, because alcohol and caffeine are a dangerous combination and may even be fatal.

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