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  • What are the most energy efficient jobs?

  • These jobs are spread out across sectors with more than 50 percent of energy efficiency employees in construction, 20 percent in professional services, and 14 percent in manufacturing. In the construction sector specifically, 17 percent of all construction jobs are in energy efficiency鈥攖his is equivalent to more than 1 in every 6 workers.

  • Which states have the most energy-efficient jobs?

  • The states with the most jobs in energy efficiency are California (310,433), Texas (154,565), New York (117,339), Florida (112,620), Illinois (86,916), Massachusetts (84,556), Michigan (84,052), North Carolina (84,020), Ohio (79,653), and Virginia (76,621).

  • How many jobs are in the energy sector?

  • The 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) finds that the Traditional Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors today employ approximately 6.4 million Americans. These sectors increased in 2016 by just under 5 percent, adding over 300,000 net new jobs, roughly 14% of all those created in the country.

  • Who are the best and worst energy companies for customers?

  • And small energy firm Outfox the Market shot to first place in our customer rankings. All the traditional big energy firms can be found at the bottom of the table, with Npower and Scottish Power emerging as the worst. That suggests you’re likely to get better service and a better deal by switching to a newer brand.

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