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Molecular bonds

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  • How is the chemical energy stored in food released by cells?

  • The chemical energy stored in food is released by cells through the process of respiration. This process has four steps, and mainly produces ATP as the energy-carrying molecule that can be used by cells in their metabolic activities. The four steps of the process are:

  • How is energy stored in the environment?

  • Energy can also be stored in many other ways. Batteries, gasoline, natural gas, food, water towers, a wound-up alarm clock, a thermos flask with hot water, and even poop are all stores of energy. They can be transferred to other kinds of energy.

  • Why is food a form of potential energy?

  • In food, it鈥檚 a form of potential energy because it鈥檚 stored away. Then, through a process called chemical digestion, the bonds containing the stored energy are broken, releasing energy that our bodies then use.

  • What happens to the stored energy when humans eat plants?

  • When humans eat (plants) the stored energy is transferred to us. We use this energy to do work. D: Heat energy from the sun is transferred to water bodies to warm the water. The result is stored (thermal) energy. The warm water heats the air over it. Warm air rises, so the air is now in motion.

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