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  • What is energy of a Warframe?

  • Energy of a Warframe is a resource used mainly to cast abilities. Warframes have 4 abilities that at base, cost up to 100 energy to cast.

  • What makes a good Warframe?

  • One of the best things about warframes is their varying abilities which can be the difference between life or death. These abilities are reliant on energy and energy is not exactly plentiful at low levels until you’ve unlocked the later features.

  • What are the best mods for energy-hungry Warframes?

  • Rage or its Plains of Eidolon counterpart Hunter’s Adrenaline, are two necessary mods to have if your warframe is energy-hungry. It lets you regenerate energy by taking health damage.

  • What is resource farming in Warframe?

  • Resource Farming Guide Resource Farming is an essential part of Warframe and grinding all kinds of missions to build more weapons, equipment, helmets or Warframes is why a lot of people even play this game. But finding enough resources to build all these things 鈥?especially if rare materials are needed 鈥?can quickly become a hassle.

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