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TheTrinity framegives energy, or you can craft energy pads and deploy them from your gear wheel. Later on in the game you can unlock an ability to give yourself unlimited energy as well. 0

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  • What is energy of a Warframe?

  • Energy of a Warframe is a resource used mainly to cast abilities. Warframes have 4 abilities that at base, cost up to 100 energy to cast.

  • How do you regenerate energy in Warframe?

  • Later on, you’ll unlock access to the Focus trees, special abilities separate from your Warframe’s. One of these trees, Zenurik, has an ability called Energizing Dash that creates a bubble that provides free energy regeneration to anyone inside who isn’t using a channeled ability like Exalted Blade.

  • What is the ability efficiency of Warframes?

  • All Warframes have a base Ability Efficiency of 100%; Ability Efficiency over 100% indicates a reduction of ability cost while Ability Efficiency below 100% indicates an increase in ability cost.

  • How do I reduce a Warframe’s energy capacity?

  • Currently, doing a Sortie mission with the Energy Reduction condition is the only way to reduce a Warframe’s Total Energy capacity (this also reduces passive regeneration effects, like Energy Siphon and Zenurik’s abilities). There are also some instances where a Warframe’s energy can be expended and/or stopped from regenerating.

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