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Exothermic reaction

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  • How is energy released in a chemical reaction?

  • All chemical reactions involve energy. Energy is used to break bonds in reactants, and energy is released when new bonds form in products. Endothermic reactions absorb energy, and exothermic reactions release energy. The law of conservation of energy states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. How chemical energy is produced?

  • Which type of reaction releases the most energy?

  • Usually, the type of reaction that releases the most energy is an exothermic reaction. This reaction is generally defined as the reaction where energy is released in the form of heat or light. While there are several reaction types within this category the one where huge energy is released includes the nuclear fission of uranium-235.

  • What is an exothermic reaction that releases energy?

  • An exothermic reaction is one that releases energy in the form of heat or light. In other reactions, the energy that must be absorbed to break the bonds in the reactants, is more than the energy that is released when the new bonds in the products are formed. Click to see full answer.

  • Which type of chemical reaction absorbs energy?

  • Type of chemical reaction that absorbs energy. catalyst A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction. It is not changed or used up during the reaction. rate of reaction The speed at which a chemical reaction occurs

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