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Exothermic reaction

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  • What type of energy is released in chemical reactions?

  • All chemical reactions involve energy, but not all chemical reactions release energy, like rusting and burning. In some chemical reactions, energy is absorbed rather than released. Figure 3.9.2 Exothermic reactions release energy.

  • Which type of chemical reaction absorbs energy?

  • Type of chemical reaction that absorbs energy. catalyst A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction. It is not changed or used up during the reaction. rate of reaction The speed at which a chemical reaction occurs

  • What is a catalyst that speeds up chemical reactions in humans?

  • enzyme A catalyst that speeds up chemical reactions in your body. chemical bonds between atoms Where does the energy that is released during a chemical reaction come from? more In an exothermic reaction the bonds in the reactants contain __________ energy than the bonds in the products. thermal energy

  • Do exergonic reactions release energy?

  • 鈥?not only do exergonic reactions release energy, but in addition, they occur spontaneously. Many cell processes rely on exergonic reactions: in a chemical process called cellular respiration, which is similar to combustion, the sugar glucose is 鈥渂urned鈥?to provide cells with energy. .

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