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  • What type of energy is found in a glucose molecule?

  • The type of energy found in a glucose molecule is chemical. Glucose is the sugar byproduct of carbohydrate digestion. Through a process called photosynthesis, plants take the solar energy from the sun and convert it into a chemical energy.

  • How is the energy stored in glucose molecules transferred to ATP?

  • The energy stored in glucose molecule is transferred to ATP molecule at the time of breakdown of glucose during cellualar respiration. The solar energy is transferred to chemical energy during photosynthesis and stored in glucose molecule.

  • Does glucose contain energy stored as starch?

  • The sugar (glucose) is stored as starch or glycogen. Energy-storing polymers like these are broken down into glucose to supply molecules of ATP. Solar energy is required to synthesize a molecule of glucose during the reactions of photosynthesis. Furthermore, does glucose contain potential energy?

  • What type of energy is stored in photosynthesis?

  • Photosynthesis is the process that converts the light energy to chemical energy for a plant. The chemical energy is stored in the molecule glucose. This is the same molecule that is found in the blood of all animals. Glucose is actually a universal food molecule for all organisms. It can easily be used for energy.

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