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High energy molecules

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  • Where is energy stored in the cell?

  • Energy-rich molecules such as glycogen and triglycerides store energy in the form of covalent chemical bonds. Cells synthesize such molecules and store them for later release of the energy. Where is ATP stored? The energy for the synthesis of ATP comes from the breakdown of foods and phosphocreatine (PC).

  • How do cells use energy?

  • How Do Cells Use Energy? Cells use energy in order to grow, regulate metabolism and reproduce. This energy is obtained from a source such as food molecules or light from the sun, and through processes like glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation, an energy-rich molecule is then created.

  • What is the energy currency of all living cells?

  • Energy currency of all living cells is ATP (adenosine triphosphate) but this can not be stored in large amount. ATP molecules are generated by cellular respiration: this molecule releases energy by breaking into ADP and inorganic phosphate, the reaction is catalysed by ATPase enzyme. ATP stored in muscles may last only 10 seconds of exercise.

  • What type of energy is stored in batteries?

  • A battery for the purposes of this explanation will be a device that can store energy in a chemical form and convert that stored chemical energy into electrical energy when needed. These are the most common batteries, the ones with the familiar cylindrical shape. There are no batteries that actually store electrical energy;

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