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  • Which US state produces the most electricity?

  • Vermont is easily at the first position in either scenario because Vermont is a relatively small state which deals with smaller figures of power production and usage. For example, the state produces a total of only 1901GWh compared to 16,011GWh for the state of Idaho or the massive 112,784GWh produced by third-placed Washington.

  • Which US states have the most hydropower?

  • Closing up the top five are the states of Oregon (fourth) and South Dakota (fifth) with 70.9% and 70.2% respectively. These figures represent renewable energy including hydropower.

  • What percentage of energy is renewable in Washington State?

  • Renewable energy: 44 percent. Overall energy ranking: 2. Washington is the national leader in hydroelectric energy production (25 percent of U.S. production), according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River can produce electricity for 2.3 million households a year.

  • What percentage of the US鈥檚 energy comes from solar energy?

  • The state produces about 14 percent of the nation鈥檚 total. A growing number of cities within the state are investing in solar energy technology. The U.S. has always relied heavily on fossil fuels 鈥?such as natural gas, oil and coal 鈥?for energy production. But the trend is now changing, due to many clean energy initiatives at the state level.

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