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The 5 red states leading America in green energyIdaho 鈥?78.65% (12,212 GWH)South Dakota 鈥?70.26% (7,279 GWH)Montana 鈥?43.85% (12,313 GWH)Alaska 鈥?32.56% (1,713 GWH)Kansas 鈥?29.79% (14,193 GWH)

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  • Where does most of America’s energy come from?

  • In only six states, over half of energy comes from renewable sources. Nationwide, and in 18 states, hydropower accounts for the largest share of renewable energy production. In another 18 states, wind produces more renewable energy than any other source.

  • What are the best and Worst States for energy?

  • Iowa Is No. 1. Five of the top 10 states for energy also rank in the top 10 Best States overall: Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, Nebraska and North Dakota. And West Virginia, which is the worst state for energy, is also one of the poorest-performing states overall, coming in at No. 47. Montana, however, falls in the bottom half…

  • Which US state produces the most electricity?

  • Vermont is easily at the first position in either scenario because Vermont is a relatively small state which deals with smaller figures of power production and usage. For example, the state produces a total of only 1901GWh compared to 16,011GWh for the state of Idaho or the massive 112,784GWh produced by third-placed Washington.

  • Where does Oregon rank in the nation for energy?

  • Oregon ranks first in the nation for energy, as well as in the infrastructure category overall. Washington places second in this subcategory, followed by South Dakota, Montana and Iowa. Learn more about the Best States for energy below.

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