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  • How much of the world鈥檚 electricity use is renewable?

  • And in 2021, the world reached a renewable energy milestone: Wind and solar power together accounted for a record one-tenth of global electricity use, reports a new analysis by energy think tank Ember.

  • Which countries use the most solar power in 2021?

  • These are Japan, Viet Nam, Mongolia, China, Hungary, Argentina and El Salvador. Solar generation grew 23% in 2021, while wind generation grew 14%. But power from coal 鈥?a fossil fuel that contributes to global warming 鈥?also rose 9% in 2021 to a new record high.

  • What are the top 3 sources of energy in 2021?

  • Nuclear energy and bioenergy stayed mostly level in 2021, while hydro鈥檚 share dropped. Together, those three sources were responsible for around 28% of global electricity. Fifty countries had more than one-tenth of their electricity coming from wind and solar in 2021, up from 43 nations in 2020 and 36 in 2019.

  • How many solar panels do we need to power the world?

  • Solar panels have become significantly cheaper in recent years, making them more accessible for people in remote areas. A new study has found we would only need 50% of the world鈥檚 rooftops to be covered with solar panels to meet the world鈥檚 yearly electricity needs.

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