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Heat pumps

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  • What is the most efficient heating system for my home?

  • The most efficient heating system for your home is the system that reduces your energy use in the most cost-effective and realistic way. Wood heat can be very efficient and cost effective, if you have a supply or free or cheap wood. Radiant wood stoves are 100% efficient.

  • What is the most efficient type of furnace?

  • An electric furnace is the most efficient type and might have an AFUE that is as high as 100%. According to ENERGY STAR, the AFUE rating of oil boilers should be at least 87% and the rating of a gas boiler 鈥?over 90%. Practically all portable heaters are considered to be close to 100% efficient.

  • Are heat pumps energy efficient?

  • Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient as they offer zoned heating which means independent control over the air handlers and efficient targeted usage. A good-quality heat pump is the most efficient heating and cooling system for the majority of homes, including the ones located in cold areas.

  • What type of heat is used to keep us warm?

  • A lot of heating systems use radiation to keep us warm 鈥?like radiators, underfloor heating, infrared panels and patio heaters 鈥?so you鈥檒l be more familiar with this type of heat than you might realise. Why is it so energy-efficient?

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