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TheEnergyUnion- based on five mutually supportive dimensions – energy security, solidarity and trust; the internal energy market; energy efficiency as a contribution to the moderation of energy demand; decarbonisation of the economy; and research, innovation and competitiveness – is intended to address these challenges.

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  • What is the state of the Energy Union?

  • The State of the Energy Union shows progress made since the Energy Union Framework Strategy was adopted to bring about the transition to a low-carbon, secure and competitive economy. The Commission has committed to present these reports annually in order to address the key issues and steer the policy debate. Why a State of the Energy Union now?

  • What does the Energy Union mean for Europe?

  • The European Commission’s Energy Union package aims to complete the single energy market while reforming the production, transport and consumption of energy in Europe. EU leaders asked the European Commission to issue a proposal for an European Energy Union to connect networks across borders, improve Europe’s energy security and cut its emissions.

  • What is the communication on Energy Union?

  • The Commission published its Communication on Energy Union on February 25, 2015. This Communication calls for a fundamental transformation of Europe’s energy system: to speak globally with one voice; to, inter alia, build a sustainable, low-carbon and climate-friendly economy that is designed to last; where energy flows fre…

  • What are the five dimensions of the Energy Union?

  • To reach these objectives, the Energy Union focuses on five mutually supportive dimensions: 1) energy security; 2) the internal energy market; 3) energy efficiency; 4) decarbonisation of the economy; and 5) research, innovation and competitiveness. Energy efficiency has a role to play in all five dimensions.

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