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Texas-based energy provider

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  • Why choose Reliant Energy?

  • Reliant Energy is a trusted provider in the state鈥檚 deregulated energy market, offering 24/7 customer support, bill credits for customer referrals, green energy options, and more. Ready to shop Reliant Energy鈥檚 competitive electricity rates? Enter your ZIP code at the top of this page to get started.

  • Who is the parent company of Reliant?

  • Reliant’s solid foundation starts with its Fortune 200 parent company, NRG Energy, Inc. Together, Reliant Energy and NRG Energy are leading energy innovation and working to simplify and enhance the way you power your home, your business, and your life on the go. Contents: You may think energy rates are the same across the board.

  • How much are Texas electric rates for Reliant Energy?

  • 3 Texas Electric Rates Plan Name Rate Reliant – Basic Power 12 Plan $0.111 / kWh Reliant – Truly Free Nights 12 $0.141 / kWh Reliant – Truly Free Weekends 12 $0.141 / kWh

  • How long is a Reliant Energy Plan?

  • With this Reliant plan, you will have a locked-in energy rate for the duration of your contract. This plan comes with contract lengths of one year, two years, and three years. This option is a variable-rate energy plan designed to power your business.

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