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  • What kind of electricity plans does Reliant Energy sell?

  • Reliant Energy sells indexed, variable-rate, and fixed-rate plans, ranging from month-to-month agreements to multi-year contracts. Some plans even include free electricity usage at night or on the weekends.

  • Who is the parent company of Reliant?

  • Reliant’s solid foundation starts with its Fortune 200 parent company, NRG Energy, Inc. Together, Reliant Energy and NRG Energy are leading energy innovation and working to simplify and enhance the way you power your home, your business, and your life on the go. Contents: You may think energy rates are the same across the board.

  • What is the Reliant business power plus Flex Plan?

  • Reliant Business Power Plus Flex Plan This option is a variable-rate energy plan designed to power your business. Like a residential variable plan, you can cancel this plan at any time if you need to without a penalty. Unlike the other Reliant Energy business options, it runs on a month-to-month basis rather than a set contract.

  • What is the Reliant app?

  • In addition, the Reliant App lets you take control of all the electrical gadgets of your home on the go. Reliant Energy believes in innovation, making your life easy. Reliant Energy also makes it easy to pay bills meaning you no longer have to worry about paying your electricity bills.

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