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  • What is positive and negative energy balance?

  • Positive energy balance occurs when caloric intake exceeds energy expenditure. Negative energy balance occurs when caloric intake is lower than energy expenditure. Weight loss and decreases in both fat and stores of lean body tissue occur during negative energy balance. what affects energy balance?

  • Why positive energy balance is important for weight loss?

  • Positive energy balance (the healthy way) When your body is in a positive energy balance or neutral energy balance it has been proven to work much more efficiently in losing or gaining weight, whatever your goal maybe.

  • What does energy balance mean in nutrition?

  • Definition of energy balance. : the relation between intake of food and output of work (as in muscular or secretory activity) that is positive when the body stores extra food as fats and negative when the body draws on stored fat to provide energy for work. Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what is a positive energy balance?

  • How do I determine my energy balance?

  • One of the simplest ways is to use a calorie calculator. To determine how your energy balance will affect your weight, you need to determine if you have a positive or negative balance. To do so, take your numbers and input them into the equation at the top of the article.

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