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Hydration enthalpy

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  • What is Hy­DRA­tion in chemistry?

  • Hydration in chemistry has significance for many processes. Hydration in chemistry is the attachment of water molecules to the molecule of another substance, if we鈥檙e talking in general terms. It is one of the main topics of study, as other topics in chemistry are based on this knowledge.

  • What is the formula for hydration enthalpy?

  • Hydration enthalpy is also called hydration energy and its values are always negative. For a chemical reaction, M +(g) + aq 鈫?M +(aq) Enthalpy change = 鈭咹 Hyd Water is considered to be a polar solvent because it has a positive (H atom) and negative (O atom) poles.

  • What is the hydration energy of H+ ion?

  • Therefore, it is called the hydration energy of H + ion. When an positively charged ion, has smaller size then the charge density is also smaller. Similarly the forces of attractions between the positive ion and the water molecules are also smaller. Therefore, the hydration energy is becomes smaller.

  • What is an example of a hydration reaction?

  • One of the commonest hydration reactions is the hydration of alkenes to produce alcohols. For example, industrial ethanol is manufactured by the hydration of ethene. It is common for salt crystals to contain water in a definite ratio to the salt.

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