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Source of subtle vibrations;

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  • Is the universe a hologram?

  • When the CIA basically confirms the hypothesis that the universe and the energy that makes up the fabric of space time is indeed a hologram鈽猴笍 So far the CIA has released documents about UFOs and Energy Holograms.

  • How do holograms work?

  • How holograms work. Laser light is much purer than the ordinary light in a flashlight (torch) beam. In a flashlight beam, all the light waves are random and jumbled up. Light in a flashlight beam runs along any old how, like schoolchildren racing down a corridor when the bell goes for home time.

  • Why are holograms three-dimensional?

  • That means wherever you look at a hologram you see exactly how light would have arrived at that point if you’d been looking at the real object. So, as you move your head around, the holographic image appears to change just as the image of a real object changes. And that’s why holograms appear to be three-dimensional.

  • How hard is it to reproduce a hologram?

  • Holograms are harder to reproduce than other security devices. How can you store a beam of light? Light is an amazing form of energy that zaps through our world at blistering speeds: 300,000 km (186,000 miles) per second鈥攅nough to whip from the Sun to Earth in just over 8 minutes.

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