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Source of subtle vibrations;

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  • Is the universe a hologram?

  • When the CIA basically confirms the hypothesis that the universe and the energy that makes up the fabric of space time is indeed a hologram鈽猴笍 So far the CIA has released documents about UFOs and Energy Holograms.

  • How do holograms work?

  • How holograms work. Laser light is much purer than the ordinary light in a flashlight (torch) beam. In a flashlight beam, all the light waves are random and jumbled up. Light in a flashlight beam runs along any old how, like schoolchildren racing down a corridor when the bell goes for home time.

  • What is holography?

  • Hypothetically, holography entails the use of laser light for instructive purposes and to view the completed hologram.

  • How hard is it to reproduce a hologram?

  • Holograms are harder to reproduce than other security devices. How can you store a beam of light? Light is an amazing form of energy that zaps through our world at blistering speeds: 300,000 km (186,000 miles) per second鈥攅nough to whip from the Sun to Earth in just over 8 minutes.

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