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  • What does burst of energy mean?

  • He began with a burst of energy that implied keenness to get the thing done. It gives you that burst of energy that keeps you going until the next day. That zip, that burst of energy has gone. Why have you flagged this sentence? Read more on how we generate our sentences. A burst of something is a sudden short period of it. […]

  • Is a sudden burst of energy a sign of Labor?

  • A sudden burst of energy before labor is something that many people talk about. No one really knows if it’s a nesting instinct that prepares you to finish getting your house ready for your baby’s birth or if it’s just a sudden realization that you’re running out of time and really need to get things done, but it can be a sign of impending labor.

  • What causes sudden loss of energy?

  • Other Causes of Sudden Loss of Energy Include: Insomnia Chronic fatigue syndrome Depression Dementia Renal failure Cirrhosis of liver Alzheimer鈥檚 disease Cocaine abuse Huntington鈥檚 disease Brain injury

  • When do patients have a surge of energy prior to death?

  • Summary One to two days prior to death, patients may have a surge of energy. They may be able to physically do things they were previously incapable of doing and may become mentally alert and verbal when they were previously disoriented and withdrawn.

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