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  • What is the difference between classical liberalism and conservatism?

  • basis of liberty and in the early 19th century, classical liberalism was the ideology that society thought would best protect individual liberties. Conservatism and classical liberalism often resemble each other in social and political ideas and ways of thinking. There are many factors that contribute to this resemblance between the two ideologies.

  • What are the characteristics of traditional conservatism?

  • Traditional Conservatism is based on the belief in a limited role for the federal government, traditional values such as religion and morality, and the implementation of gradual as opposed to radical changes within the confines of society. Edmund Burke is widely considered to be the founder of modern conservative thought.

  • What are the similarities between conservatism and communism?

  • Here we see a similarity with Conservatism in that both place great value on the idea of protecting private property as opposed to Communism and other forms of political ideologies that promote varying forms of community ownership.

  • Where did the concept of conservatism come from?

  • The concept of conservatism and conservative thought originated in part to the rise of radical left-wing movements during the late 18th Century such as Jacobinism in France, a revolutionary political organization that emerged to oppose the French monarchy and establish a strong, yet liberal government.

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