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Positive energy balance develops

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  • What happens when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure?

  • When energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, a state of positive energy balance occurs and the consequence is an increase in body mass, of which 60 to 80 percent is usually body fat (2).

  • What happens when the body is in energy balance?

  • When the body is in energy balance, bodyweight is stable.9,10Humans take in energy through the intake of food and drink, and expend energy through the resting metabolic rate (RMR)鈥攖he thermic effect (TEF) of food and physical activity. The RMR is the energy expenditure required for maintaining normal body functions and homeostasis.

  • What happens to whole-body energy intake during restriction of food intake?

  • During restriction of food intake there is a reduction in whole-body EO, due in part to the reduction in body mass that follows the lowered calorie intake.

  • How does the human body expend energy?

  • Humans expend energy (energy out (E OUT)) through resting metabolic rate (RMR)鈥攚hich is the amount of energy necessary to fuel the body at rest; the thermic effect of food (TEF)鈥攚hich is the energy cost of absorbing and metabolizing food consumed; and the energy expended through physical activity (EEPA).

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