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  • Is the Bloom Box an Energy Breakthrough?

  • The Bloom Box: An Energy Breakthrough? In the world of energy, the Holy Grail is a power source that’s inexpensive and clean, with no emissions. Well over 100 start-ups in Silicon Valley are working on it, and one of them, Bloom Energy, is about to make public its invention: a little power plant-in-a-box they want to put literally in your backyard.

  • Is a Bloombox a good choice for combined heat&power cogeneration?

  • CO2 emissions in a Bloombox are higher than the northern California grid (at Bloom HQ) where many are installed. But fuel cells could be perfect for Combined Heat Power cogeneration, except Bloom doesn’t tout that.

  • What does Bloom Energy do?

  • His company, publicly traded Bloom Energy, sells fuel cells鈥攕teel boxes that generate electricity using natural gas.

  • What is the efficiency of a Bloom Box?

  • Leveen calculates the Bloom Box efficiency in the range of 45 percent and notes that a modern gas power plant is in the range of 60 percent efficient. Bloom Energy Servers release 773 pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour while the average U.S. grid emission rate is 1,555.

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