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Spark Energy is an electricity and natural gas provider that offers an alternative to local energy companies. With this company, your utility provider maintains your service, but Sparksupplies the energy and sets the rate. You can choose from fixed or variable rates as well as a variety of flat-rate billing options (for some customers).

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  • Why choose spark energy?

  • That鈥檚 why, from California to New York, hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers across the nation have chosen Spark Energy to be their electricity and natural gas supplier. With Spark Energy, you get electricity and natural gas plans from a proven company you can trust.

  • What is spark spread in energy?

  • Spark spread is also the name of a trading strategy based on differences in the price of electricity and its cost of production. Investors can profit from changes in the spark spread through over-the-counter trading in electricity contracts. Energy derivatives allow investors to hedge against or speculate on changes in electricity prices.

  • How many jobs does spark energy create?

  • 19 Aug, 2019 Spark Energy to create up to 100 new jobs – Spark Energy, today announce their biggest recruitment drive in three years, committing to the creation of up to 100… 28 Nov, 2018 Ovo acquisition of Spark fantastic news for rental sector – Spark CEO Chris Gauld has voiced his confidence over yesterday鈥檚 announcement that OVO Group …

  • Is Spark Energy Online or phone based?

  • They鈥檙e online. You can pay online and they let you know if you鈥檙e running late. I was looking for better pricing than the current light company I had. I Googled energy companies and found Spark Energy.

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