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  • Which countries have installed the most wind energy capacity?

  • Here, we profile the top five countries that have installed the most wind energy capacity, as of 2020. 1. China 鈥?288.32 GW China boasts the world鈥檚 largest capacity for wind energy, totalling just over 288 GW at the end of 2020 鈥?having added 52 GW of new power during that year, far more than any other country.

  • Which country is the second largest producer of wind energy?

  • Halfway down the list is the country of Spain which is the second largest producer of wind energy within the European Union. Spain has seen low-level growth in wind energy over the last ten years. Since 2009, the country has only been able to increase capacity from 19,176 MW to 23,436 MW.

  • How much of the world鈥檚 power is generated from wind power?

  • Percentage share of total wind power capacity of the world: 3.1% Generating electricity through wind power is the most inexpensive form of producing power in the UK.

  • Which countries are leading the European wind power race?

  • Germany is Europe鈥檚 top destination for wind power deployment, with a national fleet totalling just under 63 GW of installed capacity 鈥?split between 55 GW onshore and 7.7 GW offshore.

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