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  • What is the best energy drink to boost energy?

  • 8 Best Natural Energy Drinks For An Instant Energy Boost 1 Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). … 2 Oolong Tea. Poor energy levels can be reversed with a delicious cup of oolong tea. … 3 Green Tea. … 4 Kvass. … 5 Matcha. … 6 Coconut Water. … 7 Yerba Mate. … 8 Carrot Juice

  • What can I drink instead of energy drinks?

  • Alternatives to energy drinks. 1 1. Green tea. There is a lot of versatility available in the market when it comes to tea. Among which most of people prefer drinking green tea during … 2 2. Protein shakes. 3 3. Water. 4 4. Coffee. 5 5. Fresh juice. More items

  • Is green juice a healthy energy drink?

  • Green juice packed with natural B vitamins is a healthy alternative to chemical-laden energy drinks. Low on energy and need a boost? You may want to think twice before reaching for that energy drink.

  • What beverages do athletes drink for energy?

  • Famous the world over, green tea is a powerhouse of health benefits and is often included in the list of beverages used by athletes for extra energy. The caffeine content of green tea is mostly responsible for its energizing benefits.

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