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  • What is the difference between total thermal energy&kinetic energy?

  • Total thermal energy also includes some atomic forms of potential energy, but the kinetic energy of particles is the easiest to focus on. The temperature of an object is determined by its total microscopic kinetic energy.

  • What is the difference between kinetic energy and temperature?

  • The key difference between kinetic energy and temperature is that kinetic energy refers to the property of a moving object, specifically the work needed to accelerate a body from its resting state, whereas temperature is the thermal energy present in all matter.

  • What is thermal energy?

  • Thermal energy is the result of the motion of the molecules, and measured by their mean kinetic energy. The important factor here is that thermal kinetic energy is random.

  • What is the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?

  • Potential energy is actually associated with the attraction between the particles, whereas kinetic is associated with the movement. Also, when thermal energy is transformed into kinetic and potential energy, the potential energy does not cause the temperature to increase, until it becomes kinetic energy.

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