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  • Are energy drinks gluten-free?

  • Generally, energy drinks are considered to be gluten-free and suitable for people with gluten sensitivity. However, the more additives they have, the higher the risk of contamination with gluten.

  • Are carbonated soft drinks gluten-free?

  • Many of the aforementioned carbonated soft-drinks sold in North America are also available in Europe where they are also considered to be gluten-free. However, they can still contain traces of gluten (under 20ppm).

  • Is Starbucks gluten free?

  • Starbucks is one of the most gluten free friendly coffee shops in the nation. Now although Starbucks may have an abundance of cross contamination when it comes to blended drinks, there are quite a few options that you can enjoy especially if you like your drinks plain (ie. hot/iced coffee, espresso shots, etc).

  • Is Pepsi gluten-free?

  • Likewise, PepsiCo ensures their customers in North America that all their carbonated beverages, including Pepsi, Pepsi One, Pepsi Next, Cherry Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Vanilla and all other flavor variations of Pepsi, are free of gluten.

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