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  • Which Reliant Energy Plan is the best for You?

  • The top four Reliant Energy plans are called 鈥淭ruly Free Weekends Plan鈥? 鈥淭ruly Free Nights Plan鈥? 鈥淪ecure Advantage Plan鈥? and 鈥淐lear Flex Plan鈥? The first option is a year-long fixed-rate option that provides users with free electricity every weekend. The second option is similar to the first.

  • What is Reliant Energy Fixed rate energy?

  • Reliant Energy gives users the opportunity to choose between a fixed-rate or variable-rate energy plan. A fixed-rate plan option offers set electricity rates and a set contract term. This is the best option for anyone looking for stability and security with their electricity. It is also a great long-term option.

  • Who is the parent company of Reliant?

  • Reliant’s solid foundation starts with its Fortune 200 parent company, NRG Energy, Inc. Together, Reliant Energy and NRG Energy are leading energy innovation and working to simplify and enhance the way you power your home, your business, and your life on the go. Contents: You may think energy rates are the same across the board.

  • How much does Reliant Energy charge to cancel a service?

  • Reliant Energy will offer you lower rate and when you select their service they will jack the price to 200$ and if you want to cancel it they will charge you 100$ cancellation fees. This is classic example of switch and bait.

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