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  • Is nuclear energy renewable?

  • Energy I write about nuclear, energy and the environment. Nuclear power is presently a sustainable energy source, but could become completely renewable if the source of uranium changed from mined ore to seawater.

  • What is a renewable resource?

  • Basically, any resource that has the ability to replenish itself within a given period can be considered renewable. For example, the most commonly used sources of renewable energy are wind, solar energy, biomass, and geothermal processes.

  • What is the source of nuclear energy?

  • Nuclear energy is a source of energy that comes from uranium鈥攁n element on the periodic table. Nuclear energy is considered clean energy, and the direct burning of nuclear energy results in zero emissions.

  • Is nuclear power the cheapest energy source?

  • However, the same study points out that a new generation of nuclear power is, potentially, the cheapest energy source of all. Over the last few years, the clean-and-cheap argument over power generation has been upgraded with the idea of renewable energy.

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