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  • What is a a state function?

  • A state function is independent of the paths followed to arrive at a particular value, such as energy, temperature, enthalpy, and entropy. Skip to content What’s Insight Menu Home Health Science Technology Energy About Us Search for: What is a State Function?

  • Is temperature a state function?

  • Temperature is defined as the measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules in the system. Temperature measures a property of a state of a system irrespective of how it got there and thus it is a state function.

  • What are the three things that state functions depend on?

  • Similarly, state functions depend on three things: the property, the initial value, and the final value. In other words, integrals illustrate how state functions depend only on the final and initial value and not on the object’s history or the path taken to get from the initial to the final value.

  • Why is work not a state function?

  • Therefore, if an object is dependent on its history or on the path it takes, the resulting value or property is not a state function. Even though pressure and volume are state functions, the definition of work illustrates why work is not a state function. References

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