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  • What is an energy level diagram?

  • Energy level diagrams are a means of analyzing the energies electrons can accept and release as they transition from one accepted orbital to another.

  • How do chemists use energy level diagrams and electron configuration notation?

  • Chemists use the energy level diagram as well as electron configuration notation to represent which energy level, subshell, and orbital are occupied by electrons in any particular atom. Chemists use this information in these ways:

  • What is the energy level of an atom?

  • What is energy level diagram? In chemistry, an electron shell, or energy level, may be imagined as an orbit with electrons around the nucleus of an atom. The closest shell to the nucleus is called the 鈥淜 shell鈥?followed by the 鈥淟 shell鈥?then the 鈥淢 shell鈥?and so on away from the nucleus.

  • Why are energy diagrams used to represent physical systems?

  • Secondly, the physical systems represented by energy diagrams will involve only one (conservative) force acting on an object. Construction of an energy diagram entails first graphing the potential energy function for the conservative force on the axes.

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