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  • How do you measure vibration?

  • Vibration measurement can be achieved with a variety of vibration analysis and monitoring equipment. I’ve worked (and continue to work) as an engineer building my own vibration measurement systems and then performing my own vibration testing and vibration analysis.

  • Who can’t measure vibration correctly?

  • A human who has a vested interest for that vibration measurement to be low or high, does not qualify to measure the vibration A human whose vibration is low, does not qualify to measure the vibration: their measurements will be inaccurate A human who only connects to their mind or ego will not measure vibration correctly.

  • Why is vibration measurement important?

  • A fundamental requirement in all vibration work, whether it is in the design of machines that utilize its energies or in the creation and maintenance of smoothly running mechanical products, is the ability to obtain an accurate description of the vibration by measurement and analysis. Quantifying the Vibration Level

  • What is the best vibration measurement instrument?

  • The VB300 is a very cost effective vibration measurement instrument and is an entry level vibration recorder. Coming in at less than $300 it can be a great first option at quantifying your vibration environment.

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