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Tidal barrage

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  • What is tidal energy?

  • Tidal energy is one of the most reliable sources of renewable electricity. Unlike sunlight or wind, two high tides and two low tides are guaranteed every day. Energy from tides can be tapped in two forms. Kinetic energy drawn in from the sea currents:

  • How do we get energy from the tides?

  • Various setups used to harness energy from tides. Tidal Barrages: A tidal barrage is a dam that taps the potential energy generated by the difference in the height of the high tide and the low tide. The gates of the barrages are kept closed when it is high tide.

  • What is the best way to capture tidal energy?

  • The best way to capture tidal energy is to place the turbine in a narrow channel between two land masses. When the tide comes in, the water rises on one side of the channel and pours down the channel to the other side. When the tide goes out, the water on the higher side pours back through the channel where the water level has dropped.

  • How do tidal turbines produce electricity?

  • Most tidal projects rely on turbines to convert the mechanical energy in tidal currents to electricity. Concentrators or shields placed around the blades help optimize tidal current flow toward the rotors.

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