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  • How can I Keep my Dog’s energy level up?

  • Both physical and mental activities help to drain his energy levels and keep him occupied. For some dogs, a simple walk around the neighborhood is enough to use up that energy, while other dogs may come home from a walk ready for more.

  • Does your dog have excess energy?

  • If your dog has excess energy and you鈥檙e finding it difficult to do everyday activities like: sit on the couch, cook dinner, clean, and relax, then you need to do more research to understand what your dog needs from you. Pro animal trainer Brandon McMillan is an expert on the way dogs think.

  • How do you tire out a high energy dog?

  • These are Atlas鈥檚 best solutions to tiring out your high energy dog. 1. Take Daily Trips to the Dog Park Oftentimes a walk won鈥檛 cut it for an energetic breed. What鈥檚 missing is stimulation. One of the best things you can do for your dog is to bring them to the dog park every day.

  • How can I teach my dog to clean up after themselves?

  • If your dog鈥檚 toys are kept in a container you can teach them to put their toys away. I know it sounds weird to teach your dog to clean up after themselves, but it鈥檚 actually a lot of fun. Teaching your dog new skills boosts their confidence, and it鈥檚 a great way to give them more mental stimulation.

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