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Tricks and Treats Games that involve foodare almost a surefire way to drain the energy out of your puppy. He can perform tricks for you, or you can hide treats inside toys where they are hard to find. Another way to play with food is to hide treats around the house.

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  • How can I Help my Dog burn up energy?

  • If your pup is more a tug-o-war or tag/keep-away fan, those can also be fun ways to burn up energy for your dog (and for you, too). Take your fetch playing to the next level! Toss the ball down a hall or set of stairs to really get your dog moving.

  • How do I get my Dog to stop being so energetic?

  • Tried and True Solutions for Tiring Out a High Energy Dog. 1 1. Take Daily Trips to the Dog Park. Oftentimes a walk won鈥檛 cut it for an energetic breed. What鈥檚 missing is stimulation. One of the best things you … 2 2. Go to the Beach. 3 3. Get In Some All Day Play. 4 4. Make Open Fields Your Friends. 5 5. Teach 鈥楨m New Tricks. More items

  • How to calm a high energy puppy at home?

  • How To Calm A High-Energy Puppy. 1 1. Crate-Train. Teach your pup to love 鈥渉is room鈥?鈥?a place for naptime, downtime, time-outs and those times when you need to get something done … 2 2. Cross-Train. 3 3. Catch And Reward Good Impulses. 4 4. Manage The Environment. 5 5. Start Training Now! Repeat Often.

  • Does your dog have excess energy?

  • If your dog has excess energy and you鈥檙e finding it difficult to do everyday activities like: sit on the couch, cook dinner, clean, and relax, then you need to do more research to understand what your dog needs from you. Pro animal trainer Brandon McMillan is an expert on the way dogs think.

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