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  • What is the hiring process at Duke Energy?

  • The hiring process at Duke Energy involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must successfully complete to be employed by the Company. Please, continue reading to learn about the Duke Energy recruitment process and improve your chances of getting employment there.

  • Is Duke Energy a good place to work?

  • A job at Duke Energy easily turns into a career, with numerous opportunities for growth and advancement- it鈥檚 no wonder the company was chosen as one of 鈥淭he 50 Best Employers in America鈥?by Business Insider.

  • What is a Duke Energy customer care specialist?

  • Customer service is an important part of what we do at Duke Energy. We rely upon a group of dedicated, caring individuals with diverse experiences, perspectives, and cultures to provide exceptional service to our customers every day. Our Customer Care Specialists are the first step in starting a career in our Care Centers.

  • What kind of pre-employment tests does Duke Energy use?

  • Most of these opportunities require candidates to pass a pre-employment test as part of the Duke Energy hiring process. The selection assessments used by Duke Energy for employment hiring are mainly EEI testing, such as the popular Duke Energy CAST test (EEI) for construction and skill trade jobs.

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